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Elena (Elia) A. Nevinnaia

Personal exibitions:

1991 Switzerland, Wiedlisbach
1993 Switzerland, Psychiatrical Clinic "Konigsfelden"
1994 Switzerland, "Zeta" Gallery
1996 Switzerland, "Zeta" Gallery
1997 Kaluga, State Art Museum
1998 Kaluga, Cosmos Museum
1998 Moscow, "NB" Gallery
1998 Switzerland, "Zeta" Gallery and Olten Theatre
(prize-design of 11th festival of cabare-artists)

Group exibitions:

1991 Moscow
1992 Switzerland
1995 Kaluga
1996 Switzerland
1997 Jaroslavl'
1998 St.Petersburg, Kaluga, Switzerland

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Russian monumet of freedom
1992-95. white clay. Switzerland.

1998. 20sm. woodden doll. USA.

Adam and Eve
1995. 17&13sm. white clay, akryl. Switzerland.

Paskha Hear
1992. 17sm. white clay, watercolor, acryl, color pencils, inc. Private collection.

1998. 20sm. woodden doll, color pencils. USA.

1995. 34sm. white clay. Switzerland.

1997. A4 paper, inc, color pencils.

Illustrations to the russian fairy-tail "King Frog"
1991. A4 paper, inc, color pencils.

1995. 31sm. white clay.

1996. paper, collage, color pencils.

Elia's Tower

Booklet cover.
1993 watercolor, color pencils.

A postcard
1996. paper, color pencils.

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