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Modern Russian Art

This web-gallery was created to present some modern Russian artists. The criterion of our choose is the high level of professionalism, first of all. All our artists are graduates of famous art-schools and successful participates of numerous exhibitions.
We are going to upgrade our site, adding masters of different kinds, also in realistic and abstract, painting and graphic, sculpture and ceramic. You may find a few   information about every artist presented here and contact him if you want, or ask us for more information in

You are welcome!

Alexander Oligerov (45027 bytes)

Olga Beschastnaya

  Alexander Oligerov (oil painting)  

Olga Beschastnaya (ceramic beads)

Evgeniy Grinevych(46139 bytes)

Suren Aivazyan(34615 bytes)

Evgeniy Grinevych (tempera on wood)

  Suren Aivazyan (oil painting)  

Oleg Danilov

Nikolay Tsvetkov

 Oleg Danilov (acrylic painting) 

   Nikolay Tsvetkov (graphic)  

Natalya Bragina (41419 bytes)

Ivan Malyutin (37227 bytes)

Natalya Bragina (oil painting)
   Ivan Malyutin (camera)   

Are you interested in modern orthodox icons?

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