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Modern Russian Art
Olga Beschastnaya
(ceramic beads)
about the author

Photo by Ivan Malyutin

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Olga Beschastnaya graduated the famous "Muhina" High Art School in Leningrad
(Saint-Petersburg), the department of monumental sculpture. Many years she created large works, monuments and relieves, but she always wished to make something small and decorative. Several years she studied Old Suomian Art, living in Murmansk. She learned ethnography and mystical signs, also folk decorative art. Olga exhibited her works in many shows in Russia and abroad.

Some years ago Olga decided to create the collection of ceramic wear. Beads and other bijou of her were sold so prompt that she decided to make this art her basis occupation, moreover it was more easier for a woman's work. Now she creates all variety of a ceramic wear, she uses natural clays of many colors , and faience , also porcelain. Her self-invention and pride are small hangs performing Russian churches.

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