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Alexander Oligerov

In spite of his stern appearance, Alexander Oligerov is a very gentle and intellectual man. He began his art career working in cloth painting (batik) but next years he has became known for his abstract pictures in oils. His painting is really perfect in colors and excellent for any interior.
The artist was born in 1965 in Kazakhstan, in 1981 graduated from Temirtau Art-School, in 1985 graduated with honours from Donetzk State Art College , in 1993 graduated from St.Petersburg Russian Teachers Training University, the department of graphic art.Since 1988 an exhibitor in many group and personal shows in Russia and abroad, including exhibition of Russian artists in "Pyramide Art Center" in Rochester, USA and his personal exhibition in "Stallen Gallery", Norway, that brought him a commercial success.
Since 1993 the artist is a member of the International Federation of Artists (IFA) of UNESCO.
In 1998 Alexander taught in International Master Class Festival St. Petersburg.
Moreover, Alexander Oligerov is an author of nice poems, also funny nursery rhymes. Several years the artist was a teacher in a kinder art studio, and his little pupils made real masterpieces of painting. He has three daughters which were taught by their father and win in every festival of kinder art.
Now the artist lives in Novgorod the Great in his self-built house.

Artist is interested in new contacts, exhibitions and teaching. For further details contact the artist on E-mail:    


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Eastern Train 1998. 83x88 cm. Oil.canv. Asia From My Childhood 1998. 59x62 cm. Oil.canv.

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Eighty Six Thousand Earthen Men Of Chinese Emperor 101x101 cm. Oil, canv. Underwater Journey Of Jeak-Yve Cousto's team 1997. 75x85 Oil.canv.

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Evening Offering. 1997 75x65 cm. Oil, canv. Searching For The Lost Treasure 1997. 75x85 cm. Oil.canv.

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Ancient Equilibrium 1997. 95x85 cm. Oil. canv. Sindbad's Treasure 1998. 75x75 cm. Oil.canv.

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The Red Mooving in The Space. 1998 140x80 cm. Oil, canv. Three Mirrors of Russian Revolution. 1999, 135x80. Oil, canv.

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