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Mihail D.

Born in Termez in 1950, Uzbekistan.
Graduated from Tashkent Technological Institute in 1973.

Works are in the Kaluga Regional Art Museum, Russia, Tula Regional Art Museum, Russia, in private collections in Russia, Poland, Germany, USA, Norway, Italy.


1984 One-man show. Obninsk Municipal Museum, Kaluga Region;
1986 One-man show. House of Scientists. Pushchino. Moscow Region;
1991 One-man show. Exhibition Hall of the Artists' Union. Kaluga. Russia;
1991 Artistic enamel. All-Russia Museum of Decorative and Applied Art. Moscow;
1993 5 Russian Artists. Palace of Ilias Said. Beyrouth;
1994 5 Russian Artists. DIX Gallery. Helsinki;
1994 5 Russian Artists. Gallery "Epsilon" Lahti. Finland;
1995 Artistic Enamel. All-Russia Museum of Decorative and Applied Art. Moscow.


T.Malinina, "Vzaimodeistvie iskusstv, kak stileobrazuiushchii faktor" (Interaction among the Arts as a Style-forming Factor),
"Tvorchestvo" (Creation) magazine, no. 8, 1991, p. 11;
Catalogue of the exhibition "5 russkikh khudozhnikov" (5 Russian Artists), Finland, 1994.


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