Malova Lyuba

about the artist

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Lyuba Malova does not paint Matryoshka dolls, she is occupied only in wooden egg painting, but just her creations are full of art inspiration and individuality, more than other authors works. Those tiny painted miniatures could be maximally increased and they seam to be the real masterpieces full of lyrics and perfect in colors. Lyuba spends a lot of time creating every her miniature, she puts all her soul in, also her memories and images of her lovely people. It's impossible to suggest her to learn the habit of working more easy and simple, of making much money doing her work quickly. That's why people who love her creations usually wait for their orders during a long time. But things they finally get take their "place of honor" in their art collection. Lyuba is a very interesting person herself, she has so dramatic way of life. She is one of those peculiar people who is able to save the piece of Heavenly inspiration in our material life. In Russian her name "Lyubov" means Love.

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