Tatiana Shiryaeva

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Tatiana is a graduate of Abramtsevo Art College. She is one of the most famous Matryoshka artists of the world. She makes matryoshka during the last ten years, her works are included in catalogues and presented in a number of real and virtual exhibitions. Her manner of painting is the best meeting of Matryoshka idea. This painting is so decorative, monumental and expressive in its silhouette. But at the same time they are well detailed and very professional in its graphics. Tatiana's dolls are special in their own color range and draw style, you can not error in their authorship. You can see the high skill and a big experience. She covers her dolls with self-mixed mat varnish, that's why they look trim and completed. Tatiana works much and there are usually some new sets in her workshop. But when they are ended they always find their collector and leaves Russia for all sides of the world.

Tatiana is also successfully occupies in icon-painting.

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